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“The functionality of the site is fantastic, I can't get over how good it looks and well it works on my smartphone”

Dr Robin Keyte, Chartered Financial Planner


Digitalis offers a complete website design service, from decluttering and refreshing existing websites through to building a new one from the drawing board up.

"Just got round to looking at the Yorkshire Darts website, looks amazing to me, full of details, scores, ave's, stats etc, just what we needed to bring us into the century lol. Love your summary page with low darts, high checkouts etc from each team, its like an Aladdin's Cave, each time you look at it you discover more hidden gems in amongst it. Absolutely brilliant, think all the players and officials will be thrilled when they all see it, so much effort and hard work gone into it... We have been crying out for this for the last 10 years and now we have it thanks to 'Wonderwoman' Liz." - Feedback from our work on the Yorkshire Darts website from Rich Winpenny.

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Our websites are creative and original, and are built to appeal to your customers, taking into account the growing needs of smartphone users. We also offer a reliable maintenance service, to give you full support and peace of mind.

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We can help you get the most from your website and pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service - just see what our clients say. Find out more about us here, or to discuss your requirements and arrange a quote please contact us.